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Advantages of CNC plasma cutting machine control system

Edit:Xuzhou Yahong CNC Equipment FactoryUpDate:2018-11-26

Advantages of CNC plasma cutting machine control system

The function of CNC plasma cutting and starting control system is an important foundation to ensure the quality of processing. The special CNC system is applied to plasma arc cutting. There will be qualitative differences and advantages compared with flame cutting. Many users and operators also Not very clear.

In the hot-cut machining application mode of CNC cutting, the difference between plasma cutting and flame cutting is that the cutting speed is not the same; in addition, we also know the cutting speed of the special CNC system for cutting the part. The requirements of the handling and cutting process are always a contradiction: the cutting process generally requires that the contour speed of the cut parts be common, but together, in order to ensure the smooth cutting of the machine tool, it is necessary to slow down and speed up the operation at various corners. This will result in a drop in the quality of the cut at the corner.

For flame cutting, since the cutting speed is very slow, it has little effect on the cutting quality at each corner. For plasma arc cutting, as the cutting speed is higher, the cutting quality at each corner is worse, especially for thin plate cutting. It is more obvious, so the higher requirements are put forward for the numerical control system, that is, the speed pre-processing of the corner is performed before cutting, and the calculation is based on the intersection angle of the corner line segment and the system parameter "centrifugal acceleration" and the currently set cutting speed. The speed at which the corner should be reduced to keep the cutting speed as much as possible.

And stressed

CNC plasma cutting machine

The advantage of the special system in the actual cutting process is largely due to the in-depth exploration of the processing efficiency of the current CNC plasma cutting machine equipment. Although it is difficult to obtain a wide range in the short term from the perspective of the demand of domestic terminal shopping malls. Recognized, but its useful advantages are obvious, just like driving, taking different speeds at different corners, and most domestic systems have no speed pre-processing function at the corner, so users can easily change according to the speed of the corner. Determine the quality of the system.