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Advantages of dual-axis drive application of CNC cutting machine

Edit:Xuzhou Yahong CNC Equipment FactoryUpDate:2018-11-12

The advantages of the dual-axis drive application of CNC cutting machines are as follows:

At present, most of the market is driven by a two-axis positioning method, that is, the cutting surface is placed in a rectangular coordinate system, and the X-axis and Y-axis coordinate positioning torch are provided by the numerical control system, and the continuous cutting operation of the cutting torch is completed according to the change of the two-axis data. . However, in frequent daily use, if there is a problem with the dual-axis positioning drive of the CNC cutting machine , what should we do?

The application of the two-axis drive is usually used to obtain a large load capacity or for a large-span load-carrying system, so the main demand in use is not focused on high-speed cutting. However, with the development of related technologies, the speed and accuracy of the demand for CNC cutting machines are constantly increasing, and the design of the dual-axis drive is also applied to the high-speed machining center to suppress the vibration generated by the high-speed feed.

In summary of the current dual-axis drive applications, the main advantages are:

(1) Improve system response.

(2) Improve the rigidity of the system and extend the service life of the screw;

(3) Suppressing vibration at high speeds;

First of all, we need to eliminate the problem of the numerical control system of the CNC cutting machine. It is the work of the numerical control system to provide the two-axis coordinate value for the torch. If the coordinate value is regarded as the eye of the cutting machine, then the numerical control system is undoubtedly the whole cutting machine. The brain is gone. If it is determined that it is a problem of the numerical control system, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer, and the technical support provided by the manufacturer to overhaul the numerical control system; to eliminate the system failure, the possibility of the axial deviation may be more concentrated in the mechanical link, that is, the hardware failure. The hardware failure here can be attributed to two major aspects:

1. There is a problem at the connection between the reducer and the motor of the CNC cutting machine.

2. There is a problem with the gear and reducer shaft of the CNC cutting machine;

If you encounter XY axis running deviation, as long as the factors mentioned in the appeal are investigated, I believe the problem can be solved. I hope I can help you.