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CNC cutting machine transmission mode and characteristics

Edit:Xuzhou Yahong CNC Equipment FactoryUpDate:2018-10-24

“Welding and Cutting Machines” has always been known as steel tailoring and has become a key manufacturing technology in industries such as bridges, boiler pressure vessels and metal structures. The cutting machine is the first process of welding. The quality of the cutting machine section, the efficiency of the CNC cutting machine and the material utilization rate directly affect the quality and production cost of the welding products. Therefore, the cutting machine is an important process for welding production.

There are many ways to separate steel. As far as the scale of the world is concerned, the gas cutting process originated around 1905. After a long process of gas cutting, it was not until the 1940s that the semi-active alternative labor was emerged due to the continuous development of productivity. And active gas cutting equipment. Various industrially developed regions, such as Germany, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the former Soviet Union, have continuously developed and perfected a wide range of gas cutting equipment (from a single flame gas cutting to a high-energy plasma arc cutting machine, laser cutting machine and comprehensive Cutting machine skills. The cut data has also expanded from carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metals to most non-metallic materials, which has made the cutting machine power, section quality, and scale accuracy reach a new level.
China's cutting machine skills have been in a backward state for a long time, but in the past 30 years, there has been a rapid development. All relevant units, including the enterprises equipped with cutting machines, have developed and developed various semi-active and fully active cutting machine equipment.

The transmission methods used by CNC cutting machines mainly include: belt drive, gear drive and ball screw drive. The three types of transmission methods have their applications and characteristics.

The belt drive is a continuous rotary motion through the belt, which transfers the force from one drive wheel to the other. The belt drive has the characteristics of small shortening, anti-deformation, fast speed, small negative gravity, multiple inner teeth, and wide width of the transmission. Therefore, the rolling between the shaft and the shaft of the general rapid processing equipment often uses the belt transmission. The shaft and shaft transmission method of the numerical control plasma cutting machine is the selected belt transmission method, especially the fast plasma cutting machine uses the belt transmission method, and can be used in the transmission process. The advantages of the belt drive are exerted. However, the belt drive also has a defect. Since the belt is generally a rubber product, the long-term use will cause aging problems, and its transmission function will also decrease. CNC plasma cutting machine uses belt drive, it should be checked regularly, once it is aging, it should be replaced immediately, otherwise it will reduce the cutting precision.

The rack drive is a transmission mode in which the teeth of the gears mesh with each other to transmit power to drive the equipment. The rack drive is the same as the belt drive, which is resistant to shrinkage and deformation. Moreover, with different racks, the drive web can be wider and the inner teeth have more occlusal surfaces. It is more stable than belt drive during long-term processing and use. It is also suitable for fast cutting and long service life. Therefore, rack drive is mostly used in industrial grade CNC cutting machine.

Ball screw drive is a kind of transmission with high precision of mechanical transmission. It is mainly used for high-precision numerical control equipment such as CNC laser cutting machine and CNC machine tool. However, it is rarely used with CNC plasma cutting. Because the precision required for plasma cutting is not as high as that of laser cutting or CNC machine tools, the use of ball screw drives is of little significance. In order to achieve high precision in CNC machine tools and laser cutting, Generally equipped with the corresponding drive motor and reducer.