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Dual-use flame plasma cutting machine selection skills

Edit:Xuzhou Yahong CNC Equipment FactoryUpDate:2018-10-24

Economical flame plasma dual-use cutting boot purchase tips

Customers will present different characteristics of the board when cutting the sheet. Many customers are worried about how to choose the right cutting type because they cut two different sheets. For example, he usually cuts stainless steel within 10mm or 30mm. Carbon steel, etc., here are two different characteristics of the board, one is carbon steel, the other is non-ferrous sheet metal.

First of all, I want to describe to you what kind of cut-off type of cutboard: like cutting carbon steel, our first thought is flame cut, it is suitable for large thickness carbon steel flame, and cut The straightness will be very good. If you use plasma to start the machine, it will involve how much plasma power we should use. It is directly related to how much thickness we can cut. Here we are talking about the large thickness of carbon steel. However, our plasma power supply also requires high power. If we use domestic plasma power supply, we estimate that the power supply is 200A. The price of plasma power supply for domestic dry-type machines will be around 40,000, while the better water-cooled type will be 70,000. about. If you choose imported power, such as the United States Fei Matt, the United States Haibao, Germany Kelbe and other well-known brands of plasma power, the price will be doubled or even several times domestic. Therefore, it is not cost-effective to cut a large-thickness carbon steel plate with a plasma power supply. Of course, if you are not cutting carbon steel here, but stainless steel or other non-ferrous metals, we must use plasma to cut.

If we want to cut non-ferrous metal plates below about 10mm: I would recommend a domestic plasma power supply of about 80A-100A. Because the flame can not cut non-ferrous metals, the flame is directly eliminated. We choose plasma to cut this metal on the one hand, the cutting speed is fast, on the other hand, the surface finish is high, and the other is the small thermal deformation of the cutting surface.

Some customers said that he has a non-ferrous metal sheet below 10mm to cut, and may also cut carbon steel below 30mm, how to choose his own cutting type. If you put his two needs on two cutting machines to achieve, then this is simply too wasteful. Here I will tell the customer that he can achieve flame plasma dual use on one machine. This is a good choice. We can install two torches on the cutting machine, one is a flame cutting torch and the other is a plasma cutting torch. Here we will be concerned with the problem of heightening the device, very good, because the speed of the flame cutter is relatively slow compared to plasma cutting, I will install an electric heightening device for the flame. In the place where the unevenness is encountered, we can operate on the adjustment button above the torch. On the contrary, the cutting speed of plasma is very fast. We must use the automatic height adjustment device here, because the automatic height adjustment device has an arc voltage sensor. Because of the speed, he will adjust it in time when it encounters unevenness. In order to prevent the situation of the gun, the other is to start the arc cutting because it will splash the molten iron, in order to prevent the cutting of the cutting nozzle, the automatic height adjustment can raise the gun in time, thus avoiding the nozzle being blocked, and also reaching the extended plasma power supply. The benefits of cutting the life of the mouth.

Generally speaking, we have purchased a CNC cutting machine that can meet the numerical control flame cutting and also meet the numerical control plasma. We don't have to worry about whether to buy two machines because they are two different types. I am worried, I will save one for you here. Therefore, we call a cutting machine that can be used for flame plasma as an economical multi-purpose CNC cutting machine.