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How to control the cutting speed of CNC cutting machine

Edit:Xuzhou Yahong CNC Equipment FactoryUpDate:2018-11-28

The influence of the choice of cutting machine parameters on the quality, cutting speed and efficiency is very important. Therefore, in order to accurately use the CNC plasma machine for high-quality rapid cutting, it is necessary to deeply understand and master the cutting process parameters.

Cutting speed: The cutting speed range can be selected according to the equipment description or determined by experiment. Because of the thickness, material, melting point, thermal conductivity and surface tension after melting, the cutting speed will change accordingly. .

Cutting current: It is a very important cutting process parameter, which directly determines the thickness and speed of the cutting, that is, the cutting ability.

1. When the cutting speed of the CNC cutting machine is too low, since the cutting point is the anode of the plasma arc, in order to maintain the self-disorder of the arc itself, the anode or anode area must be found around the slit near the arc. At the current, at the same time, more heat is transferred to the radial direction of the jet, so that the slit is widened, and the molten material on both sides of the slit is extracted and solidified at the bottom edge, and the slag which is difficult to clean is formed, and the upper edge of the slit is Rounded corners due to excessive melting of heat.

2. When the speed is extremely low, the arc will cause the arc to be extinguished because the slit is too wide. It can be seen that good cutting quality and cutting speed are inseparable.

3. If the cutting current is too large, the nozzle heat load will increase, the nozzle will be damaged prematurely, the cutting quality will drop, and even the normal cutting will not be possible. Therefore, the cutting current and the corresponding nozzle should be accurately selected according to the thickness of the material before cutting.

4. The cutting current increases, the arc diameter increases, and the arc becomes thicker to make the slit widen;

5. The cutting current is increased, the arc energy is increased, the cutting ability is improved, and the cutting speed is also increased;

6. The cutting speed is too fast, so that the cutting line energy is lower than the required amount. The jet in the slit cannot quickly blow off the melted cutting melt to form a large rear drag, accompanied by the cutting slag. The surface quality of the cut is degraded.

7. A moderate improvement in the cutting speed can improve the quality of the incision, that is, the slit is slightly narrowed, the surface of the incision is flatter, and the deformation can be reduced.