Comprehensive analysis of the interface design and control system of CNC cutting machine

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Analysis of interface design and control system function of CNC cutting machine

The operation of a CNC cutting machine is very based on the evaluation of the control system. For example, process planning, drawing processing, parameter setting, on-site operation, and use protection are all required to be completed through the control of the CNC cutting machine. . The CNC system used by Xuzhou Yahong CNC Equipment Manufacturing Factory has the following five major disadvantages.

I. Interface assumption

The interface of the control software is divided into three areas: a graphic simulation tracking area, a shape flashing area, and an operation declaration area. The graphic simulation tracking area is used to flash the pattern of the parts specified by the CNC machining file, and track the activity track of the cutting torch during the cutting process; the shape flashing area flashes the current shape parameters of the cutting machine, such as the cutting speed, the current coordinate of the torch, etc.; Shenming District should introduce the hotkeys corresponding to various functions, such as the hotkeys for suspending, going forward, accelerating and jogging. The function of the hotkey of the CNC plasma cutting machine is the same as that of the buttons on the operation panel.

Third, the interpolation control and dynamic tracking of the trajectory

In the interpolation process, on the one hand, the value of the NC machine processing and the pulse equivalent of each axis compete for the number of pulses of the X-axis and the Y-axis. On the other hand, the cutting speed specified by the voucher is debated. The division factor of the axis. The CNC flame cutting machine obtains the current screen coordinates of the torch via data processing and is indicated by small arrows. Therefore, from the flash screen, the operator can clearly see the current cutting position.

Second, the review and graphics simulation

If the NC machining is accurate, the CNC will process the CNC machining in the graphics simulation area. No matter how big or small the parts are, the system can be scaled actively.

Fourth, according to the original track to go to the completion of the function

During the incision process, if it is found that there is an uncut condition, at this moment, it is possible to press the pause button, the plasma cutting is temporarily cut and the cutting oxygen is automatically turned off; and then the front button is pressed, the torch is accurately Go to the original track; when the torch is going to the uncut point, press the pause button again and press the start button. When the switch is turned on, the cut oxygen is automatically turned on and cut off from the head. When the front button is pressed, the torch goes to the original track. At the end of the instruction, the trivial is returned to the previous instruction, and the continuation between the line segments is completed. During the forward process, the small arrow indicating the status of the torch is also on the original track.

Five, piecemeal management

Fragment management is used to manage the entire piecemeal process during the cutting process. The pipe bender includes the control of pause, start, join, speed and speed limit and the treatment of the limit signal.

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