Laser cutting machine operating procedures

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Laser numerical control cutting machine melt cutting method: In the laser melting cutting of the laser numerical control cutting machine, the workpiece is partially melted and then the molten material is sprayed out by means of the air flow. This process is called laser melt cutting because the transfer of material occurs only in its liquid state.

The laser beam is matched with a high-purity inert cutting gas to cause the molten material to leave the slit, and the gas itself is not involved in the cutting. Laser melt cutting can result in higher cutting speeds than gasification cutting. The energy required for gasification is generally higher than the energy required to melt the material. In laser melt cutting, the laser beam is only partially absorbed.

The large cutting speed increases as the laser power increases, and decreases almost inversely proportionally as the thickness of the sheet increases and the melting temperature of the material increases. Below the case where the laser power is constant, the limiting factor is the gas pressure at the slit and the thermal conductivity of the material. Laser melt cutting provides an oxidative cut for the iron material and titanium metal. The laser power density that produces melting but less than gasification is between 104 W/cm 2 and 105 W/cm 2 for steel materials.
Laser cutting machine operating procedures
1. Turn on the main switch of the regulated power supply, switch the output voltage to the voltage regulation mode, and do not use the mains.
2. Turn on the machine control power (key switch).

3. Turn on the machine's main power switch (ON).

4. After the system self-test is completed, the machine axes return to the reference point.
5. Start the chiller and check the water temperature and water pressure (normal water pressure is 5 bar).
After the chiller is powered on for 3 minutes, the compressor starts and the fan rotates to start cooling and cooling.
Note: The chiller heat sink should be cleaned regularly to avoid the impact of excessive dust. The distilled water in the water tank should be replaced once every four months. Do not use tap water or pure water.
6. Open the nitrogen and oxygen cylinders, check the cylinder pressure, and start the air compressor and the cold dryer.
Note: The air compressor and the dryer filter must be drained every morning. The front filter of the external light path lens side must be inspected at any time. There must be no water or oil, otherwise the lens will be contaminated. The source of air must be improved to achieve compliance.
7. When the laser cutting machine laser panel shows “HVREADY”, it will be high pressure.

8. When the chiller drops to the set temperature (set to 21 degrees), turn on the laser's main power supply and turn on the low voltage (white button).

9. When the word “HVSTART” appears on the laser operation panel, the red indicator light of the laser is on. The “LASERH-VOLTAGENOTREADY” alarm previously displayed in the upper right corner of the CNC system disappears, indicating that the high voltage is normal and the laser enters the standby state.
10. Confirm the material type, material thickness and material size before cutting.