Inter-connected wire cutter manufacturers' requirements for safe operation

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Intersecting wire cutter safety operation procedures

1. The operator must familiarize himself with the operating instructions, understand the operating procedures, precautions, and understand the safety technical operating procedures for gas welding.

2. The power box should be well grounded, and the dust inside the power box should be cleaned frequently. Once every six months, use dry compressed air to purge the dust.

3. Check the power supply and air source before operation, and there should be no air leakage or leakage.

4. It is forbidden to use the cutting machine for welding work. If it is necessary to weld on the workpiece, the ground wire must be directly connected to the workpiece.

5. When the chuck is rotated, personnel and articles should maintain a certain safe distance, and the chuck should not be touched.

6. When loading or unloading, drive the cart away to avoid hitting the machine.

7. An abnormality is found during work. If lightning is found in the electrical system, abnormal noise, jitter, jamming or overloading occurs in the spark drive, the power should be checked and dealt with in time.

8. After tightening the chuck with the chuck to tighten the chuck, the chucking head must be removed from the chuck.

9. Note that the cut material can not fall directly to the ground to prevent injury to the rail.

10. Pay close attention to prevent the Z axis from hitting the upper limit or suddenly falling when starting up. If the limit is exceeded, press the emergency stop button quickly.

11. When transferring the cutting program file, the machine torch should let the workpiece open, prevent the gun head from hitting the workpiece, and then move the X axis to the cutting place for cutting.

12. After the daily work is completed, the pipe bracket and the rail should be cleaned and lubricated with a very thin viscosity lubricating oil; the liquid crystal display should be wiped with clean cotton yarn and cannot be wiped with volatile liquid. Do daily maintenance work to ensure that there is no stagnation in the chucks and brackets.

13. After each shift, cut off the power and air supply.

14. System inspection, adjustment, tightening, and oil change are performed every six months.

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