Plasma cutting machine operating gas related troubleshooting

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CNC plasma cutting machine operating gas related troubleshooting

In order to ensure the quality of plasma cutting and avoid oxidative discoloration of the cutting surface, it is generally necessary to select suitable working gas according to the characteristics of the material when using CNC plasma cutting. Here, Xuzhou Yahong CNC equipment factory compares common plasma incision. , Nitrogen plasma incision, CO2 plasma incision, etc., different auxiliary working gases have different cutting characteristics, CNC cutting technology manufacturers to cut the gas selection and share with a wide range of users.

We need to know that under the premise that the numerical control plasma cutting machine has doubts about the setting of the operating gas pressure and other related parameters, the influence on the cutting quality is mainly reflected in the following aspects, one of which is the influence of the cutting arc stability of the plasma cutting start. The second is to make up the replacement frequency of the plasma cutting related to the consumables. The instability of the plasma cutting arc directly affects the cutting quality, the unstable image of the plasma arc, which will cause the defects such as cutting off the unevenness and accumulating the tumor, and also cause the decrease of the life of the relevant components of the control system, and frequently replace the nozzle and the electrode. . When the working gas pressure of the CNC plasma cutting machine is too low, it means that the discharge speed of the plasma arc is weakened, and the input air flow rate is less than the specified value. At this moment, the plasma arc of high energy and high speed cannot be formed, and then the cutting quality is poor and cut. Impervious, cut off the appearance of the accumulation of tumors. The reason for the lack of air pressure is that the air input from the air compressor is insufficient. The air pressure regulating valve is too low, the oil is dirty in the solenoid valve, and the air path is not clear. We require the operator to pay attention to the investigation of the output pressure of the air compressor before use. If it does not meet the demand, it can be adjusted.

In addition, when the working gas pressure of the CNC plasma cutting machine is higher than 0.45 MPa, we judge that the cutting auxiliary gas pressure is too high, then after the plasma cutting machine forms an ion arc, the excessive air flow will blow the concentrated arc column to make the arc column energy Dispersion weakens the cutting strength of the plasma arc. The reasons for the excessive air pressure are: the input air is not properly adjusted, the air filter pressure reducing valve is too high, or the air filter is decompressed. In this case, the operator needs to check whether the air compressor is properly adjusted, and whether the air compressor and the air filter pressure reducing valve are out of pressure. After the start-up, such as the rotary air filter pressure reducing valve conditioning switch, indicating no change, clarify that the air filter pressure reducing valve is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced. Pressure or repair air compressor. If the input air pressure has reached the demand, check whether the conditioning of the air filter pressure reducing valve is correct, and whether the gauge pressure can meet the cutting requirements. Otherwise, the air filter pressure reducing valve should be properly protected and protected to ensure that the input air is boring and dirty. If the input air quality is poor, it will constitute oil in the solenoid valve, the valve core is difficult to open, and the valve port cannot be fully opened. The pressure of the cutting nozzle is too low, and the solenoid valve is also required to be replaced; if the cross section of the gas path is small, the air pressure is too low, and the air pipe can be replaced according to the requirements of the clarification book.