Structural features and advantages and disadvantages of portable plasma cutting machine

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Structural features and advantages and disadvantages of portable plasma cutting machine

Portable plasma cutting machine , portable plasma cutting machine storage capacity is 32-64M large user program storage capacity, cutting width is 0-1200mm, cutting length is 0-2000mm.
Structural features
1. Instrumental structure design, exquisite technology, beautiful appearance;
2. The split structure design of the main machine and the cross arm is adopted, which greatly facilitates the production, transportation and packaging of the product;

3. The humanized front-end human-machine dialogue design facilitates the user's handling of the device;

4. This product adopts modular design. When the equipment is maintained or repaired, the CNC system and the mechanical system can be separated, which greatly facilitates the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.

5. The device adopts a plasma cable square tube structure, realizes the integrated design of the plasma cable and the mechanical cross arm, and provides necessary conditions for optimizing the rational layout of the processing equipment at the construction site;

Advantages and Disadvantages of CNC Plasma Cutting Plasma cutting under water can eliminate the noise generated during cutting, dust, harmful gases and arc pollution, effectively improving the working environment. The use of fine plasma cutting has made the cutting quality close to the laser cutting level. At present, with the maturity of high-power plasma cutting technology, the cutting thickness has exceeded 15mm, which broadens the cutting range of the CNC plasma cutting machine.

Numerically controlled plasma arc cutting is a processing method in which a CNC cutting machine machine uses the heat of a high temperature plasma arc to melt (and evaporate) the metal portion of the workpiece incision, and removes the molten metal by high-speed plasma momentum to form a slit. The following Xuzhou Yahong CNC equipment manufacturer will briefly introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the CNC plasma cutting machine:
1. When cutting thick plates, cut into V

2. It is difficult to cut steel plates of 20mm or more, and a plasma power source with a large power is required, and the cost is high.

1. Wide cutting area, can cut all metal sheets;
2. The cutting precision is higher than the flame cutting, the underwater cutting has no deformation, and the fine plasma cutting has higher precision.

3. Cutting speed is fast, high efficiency, cutting speed can reach more than 10m/min;