Benchtop Plasma Cutting Machine Cutting Quality and Advantage Analysis

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Desktop CNC plasma cutting machine cutting quality and advantages

Benchtop plasma cutting machine for better cutting quality

Scum, heat affected zone, top edge fillet and cutting angle are the main factors affecting the quality of the cut. Especially in the two aspects of scum and heat affected zone, benchtop plasma cutting is far superior to flame cutting. The edge of benchtop plasma cutting has almost no residual scum, and the thermal influence range is much smaller.
The benchtop plasma cutter scum benchtop plasma process uses a high temperature charged gas to melt the metal and blow the molten metal material off the cutting surface. Flame cutting is the use of a chemical reaction between oxygen and steel to cut, thus producing iron red slag or scum. Due to this difference in process, benchtop plasma cutting produces less scum and the attached scum is easier to remove. These dross can usually be easily knocked down without the need to smooth or eradicate, greatly reducing the time required for secondary processing. Less grinding operations result in higher productivity.

One problem that needs to be addressed when cutting metal in the heat affected zone of a benchtop plasma cutter is the size of the heat affected zone. High temperatures change the chemical structure of the metal, making the heated edges darker (tempered) and warped. If the heated edges are not removed, the workpiece may not be suitable for secondary welding. Regardless of the process used, the faster the torch moves, the smaller the heat affected zone. The fast cutting characteristics of the benchtop plasma result in a smaller heat affected zone, thus reducing the time spent on secondary processing to remove heated edges. Some flame cutting users may also be concerned about tempering. The heat-affected zone is not visible from the outside, but the tempering color is not, it will discolor the metal. Similarly, the fast cutting of the benchtop plasma makes the tempering area smaller.
Benchtop plasma cutting machine for higher productivity

The benchtop plasma cutter and perforation speed* can reach 8.5 times faster than flame cutting, and the significant increase in productivity can bring huge benefits, which is not the time saved in preheating and secondary processing.