Benchtop plasma cutting machine performance characteristics

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Benchmark CNC plasma cutting machine performance characteristics

1. The whole adopts all-welded structure, YX axis adopts domestic precision synchronous belt transmission to ensure cutting speed and precision.

2. The current adjustable plasma power supply is used to adjust the current according to the thickness of the material to ensure that the cutting material has no burrs.

3. Professionally cuts the metal panel and the bottom plate of the three-dimensional luminous word slot type of the advertising industry, and the cutting precision reaches the standard.

4. Large-capacity storage space, save more than 30 processing files at the same time, arbitrarily read and process durable desktop plasma cutting machine has many advantages, high-speed operation and stability.
5. CNC plasma cutting machine cutting has small incision, neat, no slag phenomenon, no need for secondary rest processing.

6. Use computer connection control to complete data transmission in an instant, hot plug under WIN98/2000/XP, plug and play

7. This machine is mainly used for the processing of metal materials such as steel plate, aluminum, iron and copper. It is widely used in the art of cutting and sheet metal cutting in the advertising industry.

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