Technical characteristics of portable CNC cutting machine

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Technical characteristics of portable CNC cutting machine

High reliability, resistance to plasma interference, lightning protection, surge;
32-64M large user program storage capacity;
Chinese and English operation interface conversion;
When the plasma processing is performed, the corner speed adjustment control is automatically completed;
Rich software features, practical flame/plasma cutting process,
In particular, the processing of small line segments can be widely applied to metal blanking and advertising, wrought iron, etc.;
Expandable 4-axis linkage function;
Dynamic graphic display, 1-8 times of graphic enlargement, automatic tracking of moving points;
Use U disk to read programs and timely software upgrades;
Built-in rich and practical graphics library makes programming easy and easy to learn.
Cutting width: effective cutting width 0-1200mm
Cutting length: Effective cutting length 0-2000mm
Cutting thickness: Flame cutting 6-150mm Plasma cutting 0.1-50mm (determined by plasma power).

The price of portable CNC cutting machine includes: CNC specifications (1*2 meters, 1.2*2.5 meters, 1.5*3 meters, etc.), plasma power supply models (ranging from 3,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan), arc voltage height adjustment, CNC system, Nesting software and many other factors. Simple and practical type 12,000 to 30,000 yuan. The accuracy of the portable CNC cutting machine is not very high, especially the lateral moving distance is far away, and the jitter affects the cutting effect. When used, it is generally matched with the domestic CNC system and height adjustment.
CNC plasma cutting machine can be divided into: desktop CNC plasma cutting machine, gantry type CNC plasma cutting machine, portable CNC plasma cutting machine CNC plasma cutting machine to work by way: dry plasma, semi-dry plasma, Underwater plasma;
The plasma is divided into ordinary plasma, fine plasma, laser-like plasma, and the like.

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