New big gantry CNC plasma cutting machine

New big gantry CNC plasma cutting machine
New big gantry CNC plasma cutting machine

In 2018, the new Dalongmen CNC cutting machine is a CNC cutting machine that can apply flame and plasma cutting. It is a newly designed gantry CNC cutting machine of Xuzhou Yahong CNC Equipment Manufacturing Factory. It is suitable for factories with small steel plate feeding capacity. The combination of high-quality German technology and advanced welding technology, high reliability and cost-effective. It can be used for the cutting of large, medium and small steel plates of various carbon steel, manganese steel, stainless steel and other metal materials. The unit can be equipped with multiple cutting torches and other options and accessories. It has a wide range of standard shapes and can be used to cut nests of any shape parts in combination with Australian nesting software.



Lateral drive:
The requirements for lateral drive work accuracy and positioning accuracy are the same as those for longitudinal drive, and the lateral drive guide is guided by linear guides. The same driving control method as the longitudinal direction is adopted, and the transmission device is respectively installed at both ends of the beam, and the main moving body and the auxiliary moving body are clamped by the transmission device to realize the smooth movement between the torches.

Control System:
The controller is mounted on the left side of the machine for operation. The emergency switch is attached to the end of the machine beam in a striking color. As soon as the switch is pressed, the machine stops immediately and all solenoid valves are closed. Once the emergency stop switch is released, the machine can be started again without any adjustments.

Aluminum alloy torch lifter:
The aluminum alloy torch lifting body realizes the upper and lower movement of the torch by the movement of the screw bearing between the guide shafts. The entire lifting system is installed in a completely sealed box, and the guiding mechanism is mounted on the bearing housing with a vertical movement distance of 200 mm.

Longitudinal guide rails and racks:
The guide rail is made of 24kg high-strength heavy rail. The top and side of the guide rail are precision mechanically ground, and the precision rack is arranged on the outer side of the guide rail. The rail fixing method can provide concrete foundation drawings according to user requirements. The longitudinal rack is made of high-precision machining to eliminate the mounting accuracy of the guide rail and the rack and pinion gap error, which is mainly determined by the machining accuracy of the single guide rail. Our company's guide rail machining accuracy can guarantee that all flatness is 0.02mm. When the guide rail is connected for long installation, we use steel wire to fix the two ends of the guide rail. By adjusting the height of the bottom plate, the left and right positions of the guide rail, when the guide rail is adjusted to the installation accuracy. When the range is within the required range, press the guide plate with the pressure plate. The guide rails are connected between the guide rails to ensure the cooperation between the guide rails and the guide rails.

Cable trachea transmission method:
Horizontal towline cable tracheal connection: The cable and air pipe move synchronously with the main unit through the towline.

working principle

(1) The machine gantry structure mainframe consists of a beam and two longitudinal end frames. The machine frame is composed of end frames and beams, and the longitudinal and lateral moving devices are all equipped with drag chains. The mechanical part realizes high-precision rack and pinion transmission for smooth transmission. The longitudinal guide rails are made of high-precision fine-grained guide rails. The precision-machined slide rails are fastened to the steel frame with the support and equipped with adjustment bolts for installation and adjustment. The longitudinal drive system is mounted in the longitudinal end frame, and the low position design makes the drive more reasonable and stable. The front end of the longitudinal end frame has two rolling wheels that can smoothly roll along the guide rails. The front and rear ends are equipped with rail scrapers to ensure that there is no debris on the surface of the guide rail. To ensure the guiding precision of the machine, the machine is added in the lateral drive and the torch. A high-strength linear guide is provided. Precision machined gears and racks ensure vertical and lateral drive accuracy and eliminate clearance. (2) The drive of the machine-driven machine is realized by a reliable stepper motor drive system. The longitudinal and lateral drive units are composed of drive gears and precision racks. The meshing between the gears and the racks automatically eliminates the gap, ensuring high precision in the continuous motion of the machine. .
(3), single torch set plasma torch set: single torch set with a plasma torch for carbon steel, stainless steel conventional cutting. Gripper: The torch holder allows the torch to be adjusted in all directions. Lifting and adjusting device: the lifting device is superior to the peer, using the gear motor to directly transmit the screw rod, which drives the cutting torch to lift and lower. The key part that affects the cutting precision of the whole machine-guide rod adopts double cylindrical linear guide rail to ensure stable and reliable operation in the up and down direction. The verticality of the seam.

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Technical Parameters

Serial number


Quantity specification


Machine tool gauge ( mm )


Effective cutting width



Machine tool rail length ( mm )


Effective cutting length



Drive mode



Lateral moving body

Group 1


Flame single torch



CNC system

1 set


Horizontal pneumatic cable drive (towline)

1 set


Longitudinal pneumatic cable drive (towline)

1 set


Automatic programming nesting software (France TYPE3 CRACK)

1 set


Cutting method

Oxypropane, plasma


Flame cutting thickness ( mm )



Plasma cutting thickness ( mm )

Quality cutting 0.5-12mm

Perforation cutting: 0.5-12mm

Large cutting 20mm


Torch lifting stroke ( mm )



Plasma cutting speed

10m / min


Flame cutting speed



Torch lifting distance



Straight line repeatability



Ambient temperature

-5 to 45 ° C

twenty one

Relative humidity


twenty two


Ventilation, no major impact

twenty three


220V\380V ±10%

twenty four

Power frequency