Bee plasma cutting machine

Bee plasma cutting machine
Bee plasma cutting machine




Technical Parameters

1. Cutting shape: programmable flat cutting steel plate parts composed of straight lines and arcs;
2, cutting method: plasma / flame 3, drive mode: single-sided drive
4, cutting accuracy: standard JB/T10045.3-99 (±0.5MM)
5, control accuracy: ± 0.001MM
6, cutting speed: 0-4000mm / min
7, cutting format: horizontal cutting 1500MM, vertical cutting: 2500/3000/6000MM
8. Track length: horizontal guide rail: 2000MM, longitudinal guide rail: 3000/3500/6500MM (longitudinal guide rail can be lengthened to 5500MM, 6000MM, 6500MM, etc. according to demand).
9, torch configuration: standard flame torch 1 set, can be assembled according to customer needs, flame, plasma dual-use
10, cutting thickness: flame cutting 8-200MM plasma cutting: according to the size of the plasma matched by the customer
11. Installation method: combined installation, free to move, does not occupy a fixed site, can also be directly cut on the steel plate
12. Ignition device: automatic ignition
13, height adjustment device: electric height adjustment (standard) arc voltage height adjustment and capacitance increase (optional)
14, CNC programming: support Auto CAD / Solidworks / CAXA / Type3, etc.
15, file transfer: U disk transfer
16, cutting gas: oxygen + propane or acetylene, gas
17, power supply voltage: 220V 50HZ
18, working environment: temperature: -10 ° C to +60 ° C, relative humidity: 0-95% without condensation.

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