Portable CNC plasma cutting machine

Portable CNC plasma cutting machine
Portable CNC plasma cutting machine

The compact and compact micro-structure of the portable CNC flame cutting machine is an ideal upgrade to replace the hand-held flame cutting equipment, hand-held plasma cutting device, profile cutting machine and semi-automatic cutting car. It is as flexible and convenient as cutting a car, and it can be used for CNC cutting of metal sheets without any fixed space. Suitable for internal and external cutting, it can realize cutting of any metal material according to any pattern. The cutting roughness can reach 25 (▽3), and the cut surface after cutting generally does not need surface processing. It has the advantages of high automation, convenient use, high precision, high reliability, low price, easy operation and maintenance, etc. It is widely used in machine tool manufacturing, petrochemical equipment, light industrial machinery, shipbuilding, pressure vessel, engineering machinery, mining machinery, Power, bridge construction, aerospace, steel structure and other industries.




Outstanding advantages

1. Resistance to plasma interference: The chassis adopts all-steel anti-magnetic structure, the system is highly reliable and designed with full optocoupler isolation control, which makes it have strong resistance to plasma and anti-magnetism, and we also have anti-magnetic resistance. Interfere with the magnetic ring. As we all know, because the plasma power supply has strong electromagnetic radiation, if the anti-interference ability of the equipment is not strong, there will be crashes and cutting errors, as well as offset or motor jam. If such a serious situation occurs, the cutting effect will be poor, the material will be wasted, and the service life of the equipment will be affected. We use an industrial professional plasma/flame cutting control system with good anti-interference ability and stable machine operation. Can resist any electromagnetic interference. And there is no choice for plasma, high, medium and low gear can be used, and the current is not too big.
2, unique cutting function: automatic cutting compensation, power cut, continuous retraction, breakpoint recovery, random positioning and cutting. If you do not have these functions, there will be power cuts or cuts and leaks. You can start to cut from this point without having to cut them again. This saves time and wastes materials, which improves work efficiency.
3, offline cutting function: because some devices must be operated online. You know that the environment at the processing site is very bad, and the impact on the computer is very large. Once the computer crashes, it is also unfavorable for processing. Our devices are operated offline and do not require computer support.
4, with steel plate correction function, if our steel plate is inclined, the system can automatically locate according to the placement of materials, help us save materials and avoid unnecessary waste. Save resources and save costs.
5, the system's operation display, using the step-by-step function window prompt mode, at a glance, easy to learn.
6, 7-inch high-resolution LCD screen, blue on white, dynamic / static processing graphics display, graphics zoom or zoom, dynamic tracking cut point under magnification.
7, all Chinese or English menu system, convenient for domestic and foreign customers to operate.
8, 45 common graphics libraries (including grid graphics), you can choose to set the tile size and hole size.
9, support EIA code (G code) and Fastcam, SmartNest TYPE3 and other nesting software.
10, we can do the file directly on the system graphics scale, rotation, mirroring, matrix arrangement, user-friendly, saving users re-typesetting time.
11, boot self-diagnosis all IO status and button status, convenient for us to check and troubleshoot.

28, "offset cutting" function, to avoid the waste of the board caused by the wrong calculation of the discharge.
29, the machine has a blank line simulation function, which can be simulated cutting in advance.
30. Different management rights and corresponding passwords can be set to maintain the rights and interests of management.
31. It can be remotely controlled by remote control to start, stop, and so on. (optional)

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