Plasma power supply

Plasma power supply
Plasma power supply

Power range


Input power

AC380V 50-60HZ ±10%

output method


Output characteristics

Constant pressure

The output voltage

No load 360V

Short circuit recovery time


Output voltage stability


cooling method

2-40KW air-cooled 40-80KW water-cooled

Use environment

Temperature 0-40 ° C

Humidity ≤ 85%

Cooling water Water temperature 20-30 ° C

Pressure 0.15 ± 0.05Mpa

Note: The output characteristics of the power supply can be adjusted according to the needs of use. Polishing tank: (The data of the polishing tank will change with the power of the equipment. This data takes 200KW as an example)

Tank cabinet exterior dimensions

Length 2000* width 700* height 1000

Liquid tank effective volume

Length 1800* wide 600* deep 500

Tank heater power

10KW 380V Y connection

Liquid circulation power


Cooling water circulation power


Tank working mode

Pneumatic, pressure 0.6Mpa

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